Mobile Shopping Trends: 96% of Consumers Plan to Use Mobile to Look for Deals

Mobile marketers listen up: a survey by Shopular, a mobile coupon and shopping app, found that 96% of U.S. consumers are using their smartphones and mobile devices to search for retail bargains.

The 2015 Mobile Retail Outlook Survey asked nearly 600 consumers about their attitudes regarding emerging trends for 2015. The responses showed that, while most respondents say they still prefer to buy in-store, most agree that in 2015 mobile shopping will have a significant impact on retail sales….and how they shop.

Survey highlights, include:

  • More than 96% of consumers surveyed say they plan to tap their mobile smartphone in 2015 to find the best retail bargains.
  • 60%  said shopping with the help of a mobile device will be a priority when it comes to their New Year’s “Shopping Resolutions.”
  • 64% of consumers still prefer to in-store buying versus online, with many still finding it important to “touch and feel” the merchandise before they make their purchase. Shopular’s Chief Shopologist, Lee Senderov, observed that the role of “mobile-delivered deal sneak peeks is an essential tool to help consumers to do advance legwork.”
  • Consumers also appear to be getting comfortable incorporating mobile technology into their purchasing behavior: 46% of those surveyed had made a mobile purchase by mobile app within the last week, and 25% of those surveyed had made a mobile purchase via mobile app within the last month (followed by 11% within the last year). Twenty-three percent had never conducted an actual transaction via mobile app.
  • 41% of consumer respondents had purchased from a website via their mobile phone within the last week, 29% within the last month, 15% within the past year, and 14% had never purchased from a website using their mobile device.

Overall, more than three-quarters of the post-holiday consumers surveyed are optimistic about the economy in 2015, and when you factor in their increasing acceptance of mobile shopping, this also looks to be a good year for m-commerce.


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